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Wedding Photography requires not only artistic talent but also a fast and accurate eye with the camera to capture each beautiful moment of your the days event. I prefer a photojournalistic style of shooting; however,
I also help guide the couples in ways that I can capture many of the exquisite emotions of the day. My clients will tell you that I'm relaxed, always smiling, easy going, but most certainly picky when it comes to the photos.
My goal is achieved when my photos of your wedding day roll back the memorials as if it was yesterday. San Diego photography that stands out.
John is a top California wedding photographer that is both artistic and creative. Warm Focus where affordable meets amazing. Wedding consultations by appointment

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Areas Of Operation: Southern California, San Francisco, Los Angeles,Bay Area, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Hotel Del, Aviara, St. Regis, La Valencia, Inn Rancho Santa Fe, North County,Orange County.
San Diego Wedding Locations & San Diego Wedding Venues: Hotel Del, Aviara, St. Regis, La Valencia, Inn Rancho Santa Fe

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